Family of teen hit boarding Rowan bus talks about his injuries

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ROWAN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - State police have charged a driver they say hit a teen while he was trying to get on the bus for school.

We're told 30-year-old Scottie Ingle of Morehead ran over 13-year-old Christopher Olvera while he was crossing KY 519 in Rowan County.

"Christopher says he doesn't even remember being hit by the car," said Courtney Lindsey, Olvera's mother.

Her younger son was also walking with Olvera when the incident happened.

Olvera underwent surgery at UK Hospital Wednesday, where he faces serious injuries to his left leg.

The driver, Ingle, has been charged with one count of second degree wanton endangerment and one count of passing a loading school bus. He's in the Rowan County Jail, where he declined our request for an interview.

Olvera's family says they've been through every emotion since the accident but are now just hoping he's okay.

"The doctor says Christopher is doing alright. He just came out of surgery. They're going to wake him up. I don't know exactly," Lindsey told WKYT.

"It's fractured. He was almost swollen and purple from his toes almost up to his kneecap," added Miranda Saurez, Olvera's aunt.

We're told Olvera is expected to be okay and will hopefully recover within two months.

Now that Ingle is behind bars, the teen's mother says she wants nothing to do with him.

"That man just needs to stay out of my face. I don't wanna even see that man. I may say things or do things to that man that I should not do, so no," said Lindsey.

But for the most part, Christopher's family is just relieved that he'll be okay.

"We really want our baby to pull through and make sure he's fine. That's the important part of it right now," said Saurez.

His mother tells WKYT that he's awake and talking after surgery.

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