Family raising money to help son with rare disorder take his first steps

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's a struggle for five-year-old Braiden Adkins to put one foot in front of the other, but with his father's help he's able to walk a few feet.

"He has what's called schizencephaly, a broader term is cerebral palsy. It's mainly the right side of his body that's affected. The left side is fighting with the right side and it makes walking pretty difficult for him," said Leslie Adkins, his mother.

The Adkins moved from Pikeville to Lexington a year ago so Braiden could be closer to the therapy he needs at Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital.

While he has made huge strides forward, the hospital doesn't have the funds to buy a walking machine that would help him walk on his own.

"His therapists fully believe that if he could get into these machines they could help him take off. It may not make him an independent walker immediately but at least it’d give him the knowledge of how he's supposed to take steps," said Adkins.

The family says they realized they could never get the walking machine on their own, so they put Braiden’s story on a website called Fundly. So far, about 100 people across the country have donated $2,500.

They hope to give the hospital $10,000 to put toward purchasing the machine that Braiden, and many other children in Kentucky need.

"He's in a critical time of his life right now with learning to walk. Once you get past a certain point the hope of walking starts to diminish," she said.

They don't want to reach that point. Instead, they want to see their son get the independence he wants.

"We don't care if he never walks, that doesn't matter to us. We will carry him and help him the rest of his life if we have to. But he wants to and we want him to do what he wants to do and what he's capable of and what he wants to do," Adkins said.

Cardinal Hill officials say they're planning to start their own fundraiser for a walking machine soon.

If you'd like to donate or support the family, visit their website:

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