Family remembers teenager killed in Jessamine Co. crash

WILMORE, Ky. (WKYT) - Friends, family and a community are mourning the loss of a teenager after a deadly crash. The crash happened around 3:00 a.m. Tuesday on Lexington Avenue near Wilmore. Investigators say Taylor Corman, 18, was killed. Two others were hurt after the SUV they were all in slammed into a tree.

Accident reconstruction crews revisited the scene Tuesday morning to take measurements and look at debris left behind by the crash. Through a preliminary investigation, authorities were able to determine Corman was driving north when the tires on one side of his SUV left the roadway. Investigators say he over-corrected, vaulting the vehicle off the road and into some trees. It's news Corman's family members are having a hard time processing.

"Took diesel mechanics in high school. That's what his passion was," says Corman's uncle Daniel Mattingly. "That's what he was working towards."

Mattingly says he received the news from his sister, Corman's mother, early Tuesday morning. He headed straight to the family's home.

"Loved fishing, loved family, he was just a good boy," Mattingly says.

Investigators are hoping to find clues that point out what exactly caused the wreck.

"We do suspect alcohol and speed as a factor. But that is a preliminary investigation that we're still looking into," said Deputy Allen Peel with the Jessamine County Sheriff's Office. "And it'll be quite a while before we get any results back on that."

The sheriff's office tells us Corman was driving on a suspended license. He had a hardship license that allowed him to drive to and from work.

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