Family says contractor scammed them out of $11,000

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Lexington family says they're furious after someone took advantage of their loved one who suffers from dementia. They say the man claimed to be a private contractor, but ended up scamming them out of $11,000.

Mike Talbot's girlfriend was looking for someone to renovate their basement. They wanted to turn it into an apartment for her grandfather, who has dementia. Talbot says an out-of-state family member hired a contractor and paid him up front to do the work.

"I told them that was a mistake. I said your money is gone. He's not gonna finish the job. I told them straight up, as soon as they told me that," said Talbot, who is a contractor himself, "you only want to ask for maybe 10, 20 percent up front. And that's for material. And you only give the money when the material's dropped on the job. And that's it."

He said the money was the first red flag. The actual work was the second. Talbot says the contractor told them the work would be done in three weeks to a month. But two months later, he claims not much has been done.

"You don't leave a mess when you're at someone's house. You clean it up every day. And I went down there one day, they demo-ed the sink area, (and left) porcelain everywhere. Just left it."

Talbot says after that, the contractor never came back.

Police tell us they have the name of the man they're looking for, and they are investigating. No arrests have been made.

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