Family says murder sends message about domestic violence

LONDON, Ky (WKYT) - The living room of a Laurel County home is full of posters and banners…in memory of Pam Bobbit, who police say was killed by her boyfriend.

The message the family wants to share is that Bobbit’s death was one that never should have happened. Angel Bobbitt says she witnessed a strained relationship with Sean Messer, who is charged with murder.

“He wouldn’t let her leave the house without her doing her hair and makeup. I knew something was wrong,” said Bobbitt, the victim’s sister in law.

Bobbitt and her mother and brother have started a “Justice for Pam Bobbitt” Facebook page. On Tuesday, they held posters and signs outside the Laurel County Courthouse when Messer was in court. Bobbit’s estranged mother-in-law says she witnessed a lot of abuse from Messer, some of it involving her grandchildren.

“He got mad at her one day, took all of their clothes and threw them in the dumpster, they had no clothes on their backs,” said Shirley Philpot.

A Laurel county grand jury will consider an indictment next month. He remains in jail on a $250,000 cash bond.

Bobbitt’s murder happened in front of her children, Philpot’s grandchildren. She says she wants justice not just for them but for others suffering through violent relationships.

“We have to step in and take control (and) help these kids feel safe again,” said Philpot.