Family says they found needles alongside busy Laurel roadway

LONDON, Ky. (WKYT) - Steven Douglas was driving on Meyers-Baker road shortly after leaving Walmart when, he says, he and his mother saw a bunch of needles laying beside the road.

“Pretty disturbing to discard needles like that. I understand people have their problems and their own demons they have to face,” he said.

Douglas said they went by the sheriff’s office and a clerk told them a drug task force would be called. Douglas says on Monday, the needles were still there.

“There were some that had the cap on them, some had the cap off of them,” he said.

Douglas says he and his mother took it upon themselves to pick up the needles and took them to the city police department were they were told they were disposed of.

The sheriff's office says they would have treated such a discovery very seriously and would have sent some out immediately, however the area where the needles were found was in city limits.

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