Family searches for answers in Pike County cold case

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ROBINSON CREEK, Ky. (WYMT/WKYT) - Saturday, December 29th, marked the 33rd anniversary of the death of Larry Gene Newsom in a murder case family members said has not been solved.

Every year on the same day, four sisters visit the gravesite of their father, Larry Gene Newsom.

They light a candle, and remember what happened to him many years ago.

“33 years ago somebody shot my dad and murdered him and we've never known by who or why,” said daughter of Newsom, Carla Bartley.

They said they were all teenagers when they lost their father, and now come to the cemetery on the anniversary of his death each year to let him know they have not given up.

“I guess somehow when we light the candle we're just trying to let him know that we've not forgotten,” Bartley said.

Yet, they admit that time has made it hard not to.

“Sometimes I feel like it's useless that I think nobody's trying and nobody cares and that it's just a number in a file cabinet maybe,” said Bartley.

They said they hope to one day be able to answer the questions that have asked all these years.

Bartley said, “We can't forget, we can’t let it go, and it would be nice to know the truth,” so that they can finally have closure.

Family members said the case has been investigated by Kentucky state police, but no officers were available for comment.

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