Family started 'Prayers for Jaden,' faces tragedy of their own

PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - They helped one family through a trying time, but now they need help themselves.

The Phillippi family of Pulaski County launched a Facebook page to help 12-year-old Jaden Jasper after the girl was critically injured in a crash.

Now, that family is dealing with tragedy after a crash killed 37-year-old Joe Phillippi.

Jaylee Phillippi and her sister launched 'Prayers for Jaden' just hours after Jaden and her father were rushed to the hospital in a March 5 crash.

Back in March we spoke with Jaylee and she said, "There are people all over the world praying for Jaden. The Facebook page now have 2,250 likes and is growing by the second."

6 months later Jaden is still recovering, but her family credits the page for bringing the 12-year-old through the near tragedy.

Karen Millen is Jaden's aunt. She says, "She has over 7,000 followers and that is the reason my niece is here today. So many people prayed for her."

Jaden and her family launched the 'Prayers for Phillippi Family' page. Jaden says she's going to love her friends through this.

This is not just a family that has lost a husband and a father, they've lost their source of transportation and their income.

Joe Phillippi's wife recently lost her job, and she was in a car crash that totaled her car a few weeks ago.

The accident that killed Joe Phillippi is under investigation, but the coroner says something caused his car to collide head on with a tractor trailer.

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