Family still searching for answers after 15 years

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MCCREARY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - 15 years and a Southern Kentucky family still doesn't know what happened to a teenage girl. Crystal Marler's remains were found more than a decade after she disappeared, but the family still doesn't know what took place.

She was only 15-years-old.

Missing for a decade from 1988-2009 when a turkey hunter stumbled across her remains.

Police say they've had persons of interest, but never enough evidence to cross all the t's and dot the i's to identify a killer.

Lorella Wood is a relative, she says, "No reason for that. People are cruel sometimes."

Police also believe the 15-year-old was beaten and her body was probably dumped miles from where she lived.

Family and friends will gather at 8:00 p.m. Tuesday for a candlelight vigil hoping the event's publicity will prompt someone to come forward with information that could possibly crack the cold case.

The vigil will include a speaker on drug abuse and bullying.

Police say they have reviewed notes she kept in her journal but her family doesn't believe that her death was the result of a bad relationship,

Family says the notes in the journal were about long time friends.

The candlelight vigil will take place in the McCreary County park, which is just off North Highway 27.

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