Fan pays for sign in Coach Cal's front yard

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Big Blue fans wished Coach Calipari good luck, before he left for the Final Four in Texas Tuesday

A special sign appeared in front of his house on Richmond rd. The sign read "Good Luck Coach Cal." The letters are owned by a Lexington company, Yard Card Barn. The company was contacted by a UK fan who wanted to put the display on Coach Cal's front lawn.

Neighbors and drivers say they're happy to see the message.

"It is a great gesture to put a sign for Coach Cal, supporting the team is a lovely thing to do," says Johnathan Ballesteros.

Chris Lewis says the coach's home always draws attention from the Big Blue Nation. He says he's surprised the Cats made it to the Final Four, but he's not surprised the display is on the Coach Cal's lawn.

"UK has always been good during the NCAA tournament," Lewis explains, "I'm really happy with their performance."

Yard Card Barn didn't want to invade John Calipari's privacy, they tried to be respectful and stayed away from his fence. The company says they just want to support the team's growth and success in the tournament.

The display will be taken down Thursday night.

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