Fans at Kentucky Speedway get up close look at track and cars

SPARTA, Ky. (WKYT) - The thousands of fans filling up The Kentucky Speedway say being there in person seems to amplify everything. They say not only is the track much bigger in person, it's also much louder.

"It is huge, it's amazing how big this place is, I wouldn't in my dream imagine it was this big," said race fan Travis Short who drove to the race from Berea.

That thought seemed to be a recurring one among the fans at Sparta.

"TV doesn't do it justice," said Todd Eblin. "When you see the track and you see how big it is, just a totally different experience."

With hours to go until the green flag drops, thousands of fans flooded the infield, where there was already racing going on. The Derby City Roller Girls were providing a demonstration, and a lumberjack challenge was held where two lumberjacks were seeing who could saw through a set number of logs the fastest.

"The way they have it set up here, especially with the fan zone, it's unbelievable, fantastic," said Hayden Marshall who came to the race from Denver.

For some of the fans that ticket included an up close look at the cars they would be cheering on later that evening.

"Being this close to the cars is something else, it's a little louder down here," said Brad Hemphill.

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