Fans excited for championship after tough season

ARLINGTON, Tx. (WKYT) - After a long season, filled with questions and criticism, some UK fans see Monday night's game as the ultimate redemption.

"I think it's great for all the grief they've given Calipari and the boys, 'oh, they weren't good enough' and by gosh we're here," said T.J. Hill, a UK fan from Stanford

Many UK fans are wearing their good luck charms for the game.

"My granddaughter, Gracie, gave me that paw print, and the rest of it's just blue and white."

Beverly Lay, a UK fan from Danville, always wears a paw print that her granddaughter, Gracie, gave her. She also wears sparkles in her hair.

"I always wear 'em. I'm a surgery nurse, and you have to make your own sparkle. Everybody down here has noticed the sparkle in my hair. I tried to give a woman some, but it was her last day, so, I guess I'll have to give someone else sparkles."

Many fans we caught up with in Dallas say number nine would be extra special because many people had written this team off a month ago.

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