Fans react to Noel's injury

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LEXINGTON, Ky. - (WKYT) - Nerlens Noel's injury is the talk of the town for big blue fans.

On Wednesday, sports talk radio shows had lots of callers with plenty to say about what's happened to Nerlens Noel and what it means for the team.

The Big Blue Nation is in mourning, shock and disbelief after Noel suffered the first serious injury of the John Calipari era.

“This is a guy who went all out. He went all out to block a shot because of a mistake of one of his teammates and it cost him what might be his only college season,” said radio host Dick Gabriel.

He was the heart and soul of this year's young Kentucky team.

Ironically, it was his ability to hustle that led to his season-ending injury of a torn ACL.

Calls came pouring into the big blue radio show on Wednesday as fans across the big blue nation rallied together to show their support for Noel.

Fans are also left wondering what's next for the Cats.

“It may spark something in this team. With what Coach Cal has done with the past three seasons, I have no doubt we will prevail and keep winning games,” one UK fan said.

Now, many fans simply hope for the speedy recovery of the 18-year-old kid who always gave it all he had on the court.

Despite Noel's torn ACL, he is still expected to be a top five draft pick in this year's NBA draft.

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