Farm animal stuck on cliff causes commotion in Whitley County

WHITLEY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - An unusual sight leads to a unique rescue attempt. Drivers on I-75 southbound flooded the Whitley County 911 center with sightings of a farm animal stuck on a cliff.

It all began with calls from concerned drivers.

Firefighters wanted to help, but a tractor trailer accident put their work on hold for a while.

Drivers on I-75 stopped to take pictures of the animal, stuck on the cliff.

Around noon on Friday help finally arrived.

Drivers in both lanes of the interstate noticed all the commotion, and I-75 was backed up pretty bad.

Crews tried to climb up the cliff to get to the animal, but they slid right back down when they did so. Crews wanted to get the animal down before it could run into the road and hurt itself, or maybe someone else.

Eventually, the animal helped itself down. The sheep came down the cliff, ran down a road and onto a farm. The animal then proceeded to run into a field with cows. A few moments later a farmer was able to gather up the animal.

Crews gave the animal water, and now the sheep that caused so much commotion is safe and sound.

Officials still don't know who the animal belongs to. The sheep is currently with a firefighter of the Goldbug Fire Department. The Chief says they're still trying to find out who the owner is, and how it ended up on the cliff.

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