Farmers concerned after wild hog sighting

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DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Charlie Pittman said no one believed him when he said he spotted a wild boar along Webster road, but he's got the picture to prove it. Farmers here said they hope it moves on.

Pittman said he had just dropped some mail in a box, when something caught his eye.

"I seen what I thought was a big dog. As I got about five feet closer, it was not a dog. Biggest, fattest, hairiest thing. It didn't look like a pig to me," he said.

Fish and wildlife officials said it was likely an escaped hog. They're becoming a problem across Kentucky, destroying farmers' crops and pushing other wildlife out. Pittman snapped a picture just as he said the hog took off after a cat. He said he's seen a lot of animals on the job, but nothing like that.

"This ranks pretty high on the craziest animals I've seen. We generally have to worry about dogs. I didn't think I'd ever have to worry about a big boar! You carry dog spray. Run if you can run as fast as them," said Pittman.

Fish and Wildlife officials say the best way to get rid of wild pigs is to trap them.

A woman later called the newsroom, claiming that the suspected wild hog was one of her potbellied pig. She says the pig is now back home, safe and in its cage.

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