Father says 5-year-old was left home alone after getting off school bus

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MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A Madison County father is furious that a school bus dropped off his 5-year-old son at the wrong location.

"They called us and they said 'well, we're real sorry about the inconvenience, but we just can't find him.' Inconvenience?" questions Rob Rumpke, a father of a kindergartener. "It's a 5-year-old and you've lost him. That's not an inconvenience, that's a huge issue."

It's the second day of school for students at The Madison Kindergarten Academy and some parents are still fuming over Wednesday's school bus issues. Several parents reported their kids were dropped off at the wrong location, kept on the bus for hours or even dropped off without having an adult present.

The policy for the Madison County school system is that bus drivers aren’t allowed to drop off kindergarteners without visual confirmation with an adult.

Rob Rumpke says that certainly didn't happened Wednesday. His son was supposed to be dropped off at daycare, but instead, he was dropped off at home, alone.

"She dropped him off at the end of the street," Rumpke says. "He's five and she dropped him off at the end of the street and then did not wait to see him go to the house, did not verify that anybody was home and just drove away."

The Madison County Schools Transportation Department told Rumpke they plan to launch an investigation into what happened and how.

The Madison County superintendent released a message on the school's Facebook page Thursday morning and said he felt confident that the bus issued had been resolved.

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