WKYT Exclusive: Father talks about daughter's injuries from bus crash

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - She nearly died when her school bus ran off the road and hit a tree.

Three-year-old Leigh Ann Hendren was airlifted to UK Hospital following the crash in Carroll County Monday.

Two of her classmates died and six others were injured.

Since the bus crash, little Leigh Ann has been at UK Hospital.

With brain trauma she has been in the ICU, but as her dad tells us, things are starting to look up for his little girl.

"She'll get her strength back I know. She's a fighter. I know she will," said Lee Hendren, Leigh Ann's father.

That bus crash in Carroll County changed his life forever, but the outcome could have been much worse and almost was.

"They actually pronounced three dead at the scene. She was one of the last ones they pulled off the bus, so I mean until the EMT looked up and saw her breathing," said Hendren. "They cut the seat belt off of her and got her out of there as quick as they can."

He says his three-year-old daughter Leigh Ann has been improving, opening her eyes yesterday for the first time and possibly getting out of the ICU tomorrow.

"I really think she's improved 100 percent. And like I said, the nurses are surprised that she's come this far," said Hendren.

As for his feelings towards what happened, he says he's still trying to wrap his head around all of it.

"I'm just mad and I'm just furious at the driver right now," said Hendren.

And he added that his kids won't be riding a bus anytime soon.

Leigh Ann's father says they expect her to be at UK Hospital for another one month or so recuperating and hopefully continuing to improve.

The family tells us once Leigh Ann is released from UK Hospital, she will probably be doing rehab at Cardinal Hill.

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