Richmond father waits seven months to say final goodbye to daughter

RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - He's waited more than two years for some kind of closure.

Over the weekend the father of a woman police say was murdered, finally had the chance to say goodbye. Richmond Police say Sonsaray Warford and her boyfriend were killed in 2010. Their bodies weren't found until March. Investigators just released her remains to her family.

Friday night's visitation has been a long time coming for Gregory Todd.

"As a father, you gotta do what you have to do for your kids. No matter what the situation is, you gotta be there for them. Even though we had a lot of support everywhere, but it was just something I said I was gonna do until the end," explained Gregory Todd, Sonsaray Warford's father.

Back in June 2010, Todd's daughter Sonsaray Warford and her boyfriend Charles Walker went missing. Todd never gave up hope police would figure out what had happened. One year and nine months later, investigators found their bodies in a field in Richmond.

Shortly after police charged Matthew Denholm and Daniel Keene with kidnapping and murdering the couple.

"We've been praying for this day to come. It was a hard time waiting for it, but now that it's here, we just want to just go on in here, have the service for her."

As those men make their way through the court system Todd says he plans on being at every hearing.

"No matter when it is or where it is. I'm not going anywhere until it's over with. And once it's over with, we just thank God," said Todd.

Todd buried Warford on Saturday. And for him, his role as a dad doesn't stop there. He'll continue fighting for justice for Warford and Walker.

"Today's gonna be a hard day, tomorrow's gonna be harder, but then we know we've got to do it for them. Because we've got to move on, and then go for justice that needs to be served for this."

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