What parents think of backup plan to make up snow days

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's a problem facing school districts across Kentucky. How do they make up all those snow days? State lawmakers are considering legislation that would allow districts to waive some of the missed days. Fayette County Schools are coming up with a backup plan in case the bill falls through.

Superintendent Tom Shelton says he's not confident the Kentucky House and Senate can agree on a snow days bill in time to help his district.

"I think it just demonstrates how frustrated people are with Frankfort and how things are working on the third floor of the capitol building," said Doug Barnett, a school board member and parent.

Fayette County has missed 13 days this school year. Right now, the last day of school is June 11. Shelton says he has a plan to make the last day of school June 6 by adding less than 15 minutes to the school day. But parents have mixed views on whether that's beneficial for students.

"I think most people would rather vote for the 12 minutes than extra days in June," said Diana Sullivan, who is a parent of kids in the school system.

"What is 12 minutes? It's not really going to do anything at all for them in school," said Susie Warner, another parent. "They're not really going to learn much in 12 minutes."

"You can do a whole lot of reading, you can do a whole lot of math, and you can do a whole lot of class work in less than 15 minutes," said Barnett.

The board has already figured out how to make up all but five and a half hours of the missed classroom time. The school day is longer than the state requires, so that has helped. Shelton says every snow day has been a tough call.

"We are going to try to always err on the side of caution," says Supt. Tom Shelton. "I know I can't make people happy. That's not my goal or objective. My goal here is to look at the safety issue of my students and staff."

In the end, not everyone will be happy with the school district's decision. But Shelton says he wants the last day to be Friday, June 6 because going into the second week of June adds no educational benefit and it's inconvenient to end in the middle of the week. He will present his plan to the Fayette County School Board at Monday night's regularly scheduled meeting if lawmakers don't pass a bill this week.

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