Fayette County Schools declare 10th snow day this year

A fast and heavy overnight snowfall led Fayette County Schools to close Monday morning, declaring their 10th snow day of the year.

"The snow days have come in bunches, they're normally spread out one or two here and there," says Superintendent Dr. Tom Shelton.

Superintendent Tom Shelton spoke last week about the school system's growing schedule.

"Those coming basically back-to-back right after we came back from the holiday break," Dr. Shelton said. "That's when it becomes disruptive."

Since 1960, Fayette County School officials tell us they've missed ten or more days six times.

In 1976, they missed 22 days. In 1977-78, they missed 26. The following school year they missed another 13. In 1984-85, they again missed 13 days. Then in 1993-94, they missed ten.

"Anytime you have a break in instruction it hurts because you have to review and get caught back and get the kids back into the flow and the rhythm of school," says Dr. Shelton.

Tthe school board will look at possible make-up days.

The make-up days are built into the schedule," Dr. Shelton said.

On Monday night, the school board approved adding Monday, February 17 and Friday, March 21 as replacement days.

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