Fayette County parents deal with redistricting issues

LEXINGON, Ky. (WKYT) -- It's an issue many parents in Fayette County face wanting their children to go to a school that's out of their district.

But this year, getting into an out of district school could be more difficult than years before.

School leaders say they can't be as accommodating because of growth.

"We wanted to fill out a form to et our daughter into the school closest to us."

A mother of two who didn't want to be identified fearing it may impact her child's chances as getting an out of district grant is among dozens of Fayette County parents who've filled out forms this year.

"We're ok going to the school she's scheduled to go to, but it will just be a major inconvenience to get her there and get her back home."

This mother tells us she'll pass several other schools while taking her daughter to the one she's assigned to, and says she can actually see the one they've requested from their own back yard. School leaders say that elementary school is already too full, and this is literally a growing problem.

Tom Shelton, Fayette county Schools Superintendent says, "We have areas where we're trying to look at building new schools because of growth. In the northeast end we already have a new school that's in the plans there because Liberty and Athens-Chilesburg are over capacity.

Superintendent Shelton also says there's major growth on the city's south side, but little room for the necessary schools in some we developments. Because of this he says some neighborhood kids can't even get into the schools that are right around the corner because they're over capacity. He says the out of district policy hasn't been changed this year, but he says the school system as to adhere to it more strictly that ever before.

"What we hope to do is through our facilities plan, get ahead of our growth," said Sheldon. "By buildings the buildings we need, we will create capacity so it won't be as big an issue."

Shelton says Fayette county has grown by 5,000 students in the last few years alone. Leaving our mom and others with little hope of just going to the school down the street.

"It's very frustrating. We moved into this house thinking we'd go to that school but now, I mean, it's just going to take a lot longer."

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