Fayette Co. superintendent says district has $20M shortfall

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The superintendent of Fayette County Schools told his staff the district needs to come up with $20 million before the budget is presented to the school board in May.

WKYT has received word of an email that was distributed to staff sent and teachers from Doctor Tom Shelton explaining the dire financial situation for the district.

The email, we are told by sources, talks about the district losing a great deal of funding both state and federal over the past years. Grants have ended and the district has picked up those costs to keep certain programs going.

Sources tell us Dr. Shelton explains in the email that the district has gotten by in recent years by a healthy fund balance and support from the community. But currently, he says in the letter, the district's spending is out-pacing revenue.

The email then goes on to serve as notice, we're told, of tough talks in the near future to discuss how to cut $20 million from the budget, which he says is five percent of the district's general fund spending.

The email ends with Dr. Shelton saying he wants his staff to be a part of the conversation moving forward. With a deadline of presenting the school board with a balanced budget in May.

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