Fifth Third Bank accidentally reports customers filed bankruptcy

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A woman called the WKYT newsroom Wednesday morning after receiving a concerning letter in the mail from her bank. That woman, a customer at Fifth Third Bank, wanted to remain anonymous but she gave us a copy of the letter that she received this week.

It states that between October and December of last year, the bank "inadvertently reported" the customer had filed for bankruptcy to four credit bureaus. It goes onto say the "error has been corrected" and "all four agencies have been notified" of the mistake.

A spokesperson with Fifth Third Bank says the reporting error happened during a system change last fall, but the error was corrected in December. Bank officials wouldn't say how many customers this affected, only that it involved a limited number in relation to the company's total customer base.

Although bank officials say no customers' credit report should be affected by this error, officials with the Better Business Bureau say checking for yourself couldn't hurt.

"We would suggest for your piece of mind to check your own credit report, which federal law does allow you to do for free once every 12 month period," says Heather Clary, Communications Director.

Officials with the Better Business Bureau also recommend checking your credit report each year to catch other problems like identity theft. There is a link to the federally approved website in this article.

Fifth Third customers who have any account questions are urged to contact their local branch. Brant Welch, a marketing manager with the bank, released this statement regarding the error:

"The accuracy of our customers’ credit history is important to us, and we will ensure that no customer will suffer negative impact.

This was a reporting error that occurred late last fall at the time of a systems change. The error was corrected in December through updated reporting to the credit bureaus. A limited number of customers were impacted, and if the customer did not have an issue at the time, they should not have one now. We have taken action to ensure the mistake won’t recur."

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