Fifth grader raises money for teacher undergoing chemotherapy

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - He's in the fight of his life! A 28-year-old Garth Elementary School teacher is battling cancer. He's getting some help from one of his students who's started a fund raising campaign through Facebook.

"There have been a lot of kids in my school who would bring in their looms and just make bracelets and they would sell them to other kids," explained 10-year-old Brian Hornfeldt, "after I found out that Mr. B had cancer I thought, 'well I can probably use this to get him money.'"

Darren Brunkhart teaches Brian, his two bothers, and about 500 other students at Garth Elementary. Last month, he found out he had testicular cancer. And Monday, he'll begin chemotherapy.

To help with expenses, Brian started a Facebook page, selling bracelets for Mr. B. He's raised more than $300.

"I have friends and family that have banded together to help me, but I never thought that the students in my school would be a big contributor in a group of helping me get through this time," noted Brunkhart, "I think I'm the person that's impacting these kids' lives and come to find out they're the ones that are helping me out at my time of need."

To buy a bracelet or to donate to Brunkhart, visit the websites below.

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