Fire damages home and destroys vehicles

Firefighters had their hands full this morning in Lexington after fire damaged a home and spread to the vehicles next to it.

Four men were at the home when the fire started around 7:30 Saturday morning. Lexington Fire investigators believe it started in a trash receptacle outside of the house, then spread into the home and the three vehicles parked in the driveway.

One of the men was in a wheelchair and had to be helped but the everyone got out safely before fire crews arrived.

The fire first spread to a grill, then a car, a van, and a pickup, before snaking up the back wall of the home and into the roof.

"First crews on scene were very busy because they had to extinguish the outside vehicle fire and exterior of the house before we could make entry," said Major Chuck Bonta.

To help firefighters inside the home crews cut a hole in the roof for ventilation.

Firefighters say the car and van are most likely beyond repair. The pickup truck is drivable but also has damage. The home is unlivable.

"Pretty extensive damage to the upstairs of the home. A lot of heat, smoke, and water damage downstairs," Bonta said.

One of the men who lived in the home said that once everyone was out he turned to go back in to get some shoes but a wall of smoke kept him out. He said he felt lucky to be alive.

Fire crews stayed at the home for several hours after the fire was out to make sure nothing rekindled.

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