Volunteer fire department helps rebuild church

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KNOX COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Jeff's Creek Baptist Church in Knox County was destroyed by flooding on April 17th, and now church members are rebuilding. The Stinking Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department raised $500 to help them rebuild.

The ground where Jeff's Creek Baptist Church once stood on is now just mud. The church has been meeting in a garage since the flooding of April 17th.

"I told them. I said 'We will get our church back. We just have to be patient and go to work, we'll get the church built back,'" said Pastor A.Y. Mills.

Church members have been building a new church for a week. On Saturday, they received unexpected help when the Stinking Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department set up a road block and raised $500 to help rebuild the church.

"The feeling that we're getting today...I mean I've never seen the smiles on my guys' faces like today. The fun that they had. They're closer together. God works in mysterious ways," said the Chief of the Fire Department, Bill Ferro.

The pastor says he's never heard of a fire department raising money for a cause like this. The fire chief says they just want to helP their community in any way they can.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a church. If it was a person's house and they needed clothing or water or anything, we're going to do that," said Chief Ferro.

The pastor says they expect to complete the new church in one month.

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