Fire destroys Richmond home, homeowner suspects arson

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RICHMOND, Ky., (WKYT/WYMT) Amanda Lewis says it's hard to see ash and debris filling the home that was filled with so many memories.

"It's sickening, it's scary, it's just sad," she said.

She says the home on Norwood Drive in Richmond is where she lived when she went to Eastern Kentucky University. It was also the first home of her two oldest daughters.

In the past eight years, her children have grown up and their family moved to Georgetown. So she says they turned the house into a rental property.

Lewis says they haven’t had anyone renting the home lately. Fire crews say no one was hurt when a fire started ripping through the house about 5:45 a.m.

Lewis believes the gutted home didn’t burn on its own.

"The arson investigator did say that it looks like the wires have been stripped, not inside the house but in the basement," said Lewis.

Richmond fire officials aren't calling the fire arson but they are calling it suspicious.

They say they're still trying to figure out what or who sparked the fire, as well as if the cut wires are connected to the fire.

Lewis doesn’t think its coincidence and is convinced the fire is arson.

She says after they’ve boarded up the house, they will do their best to return it to the way she remembers it.

"We definitely have to tear the home down and rebuild, this is where our kids will live if they go to Eastern,” she said.

Afterall, Lewis says there are a few more memories for the house to hold.

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