Firefighters battle two-alarm fire at neighboring homes

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The smoke filled the air causing a thick cloud that hung over Stonecase Drive.

"We could smell the smoke and just within two seconds of breathing in the smoke, then your throat started burning," described Lyndsey Mefford, who rushed up to help with her mom after seeing the towering smoke while driving by.

"Yeah, it was intense, it was just intense," added Rebecca Upperman, who lives across the street from where the flames ignited.

Behind the curtain of smoke, two homes were on fire and it was no easy fight for fire crews.

"The windy conditions it was causing the fire to spread even further through both buildings. So we had to mount an attack, on both structures at the same time," explained Major C.J. Haunz of the Lexington Fire Department.

Major Haunz went on to say that several fire fighters were burned in the two alarm fire. He said that two fire fighters had to be rushed to the hospital, one with significant burns to the face and the other with injuries after taking a fall down the stairs.

"Given the situation we were trying to be as aggressive as we could to get the situation under control and sometimes bad things happen," said the Major, adding they typically prefer a safer approach but the flames rapid spread was a great concern.

Witnesses reported the fire started at the corner home and spread to the second house just a few feet away. The residents inside the second home were able to get out, and the other victims were not home.

"It certainly does not help matters having the structures so close together," pointed Major Haunz, adding, "I wouldn't say they were a total loss, but there is extensive damage to both structures."

The Fire Department says they haven't pin-pointed how or where the flames sparked, but they did hear from neighbors that there was a loud pop just moments before the fire was spotted.

"Your heart just sinks because you're watching everything that somebody has invested in literally go up in flames. They're devastated," said Upperman.

The fire department says during this fire, another one was called out, making the total six fires for the day. Still, in spite of the overworked crews, Major Haunz said the first crews arrived six minutes after it was reported to 9-1-1.

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