Fire forces families out of home

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - An intense fire left several families running for safety overnight.

Witnesses spotted the flames around 1:30 this morning at the Raven Crest apartments in Frankfort.
While everyone inside escaped, some people are now looking for another place to stay.

We're told someone got in a car parked outside the buidling and blared the horn until everyone inside was aware of the fire.

Fire officials with the Franklin County Fire Department say after gathering statements from tenants, they learned someone was cooking french fries. And when flames from the frier got out of control, they attempted to put it out by throwing water on it, which only made things worse.

The heaviest damage is to the upstairs apartment where it started.
But as a precaution, all tenants had to be evacuated.

"It's got to be awfully difficult to lose everything you got. But I'm more concerned that nobody got hurt, because stuff can be replaced, you can't replace people," said a man who lives across from the damaged building.

The apartment manager here at Raven Crest told me that everyone made it out safely and that plans are in the works to find them permanent housing solutions.

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