Lexington fire investigators: Arson 'put lives in danger'

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) Lexington fire investigators say a fire that destroyed an apartment at The Racquet Club early Sunday morning was intentionally set.

"The door was smacked down by a hammer,” said Jason Hurdich who lives next to the burned apartment.

He says he was forced into the freezing cold about 2:30 Sunday morning, confused and scared.

"We went outside and saw many lights around the apartment, about seven trucks. I was so confused as to what was happening," he remembered.

As the apartment burned, he wasn’t the only one unsure of what would happen to their belongings.

"My first thought was to grab the dogs," said Thomas Heath who also lives next to the destroyed apartment.

Fire investigators say everyone made it out safely but it was a close call.

"Lives were in danger, had the alarm been delayed any further there could've been loss of life," said Battalion Chief Joe Best.

Best says an arsonist set a fire in the kitchen and left the apartment to burn.

Fire crews were able to stop the fire from spreading to other apartments.

Fire officials say some of the other apartment homes do have minor smoke damage but they say the apartment where it started is damaged to the point where it is unlivable.

"It's dangerous, it's terrifying," Hurdich said.

Hurdich says the terrifying actions have him even more confused than when he was shaken out of bed.

"I understand if you have your own issues to take care of them your own way but don't try to kill people with children, family,” he said.

"I don't know why you'd intentionally do that to risk hurting everybody," Heath said.

Fire officials say they hope to answer the questions of who, why and how as soon as possible.

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