Floor partially collapses at UK student party

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - "This is my ceiling now," said Anna Simon as she picked up chunks of the ceiling that used to be over her head from beneath her feet.

She remembers when it started coming down early Sunday morning.

"I heard a really loud bang, I thought it was gunfire. It sounded like a bowling ball or something really loud and it was the ceiling coming through," the University of Kentucky sophomore said.

Lexington fire officials say about 100 UK students packed into an apartment for a party on the fourth floor of The Lex.

They were partying right above Simon’s apartment.

Fire crews say the weight of the partiers caused the floor to buckle and partially collapse.

"There was a huge party and they started bouncing and the fans started bouncing and then it cracked, the ceiling cracked so we ran out," said Simon’s roommate Lexi Sanchez.

Simon said, "It definitely sucked that our apartment ceiling was coming down but at that point it was already coming through so we didn't want people to get hurt. We didn't know if people would fall through or not."

No one did, fire officials also say no one was hurt.

Fire crews say the people in the apartment where the party was held and the people staying in the apartment below them are being moved to a hotel for two weeks.

Simon says since partying is the norm in the apartments, she doesn't expect it to stop. But she says perhaps there’s a lesson to be learned here.

"There's a level of responsibility that we all need to learn from this because it is dangerous," she said.

They say they're working with law enforcement to take care of the problem.

Fire officials say one apartment has been condemned but no one has been charged.

Management at The Lex issued a statement late Sunday afternoon:

"The Lex is aware of an isolated incident where a private social gathering resulted in damage to their unit and an adjacent apartment. Our residents are our top priority. The Lex will be working with authorities to inspect any damage and to repair the unit to like new conditions quickly. It is not expected that this incident or these damages will affect any other residents. If we learn contrary information through further inspection, the Lex will inform their residents immediately."

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