Animal bedding manufacturer destroyed by fire

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An early Thursday morning fire heavily damaged much of a Casey County business.

Blue Grass Shaving on Kentucky 70 in Liberty was fully engulfed when firefighters arrived on the scene about 6 a.m. Now an investigation is underway to see what caused the fire that put an end to about 15 to 20 jobs.

Workers say the fire may have started inside one of the trucks inside the loading area of the plant. Rodger Martin works in maintenance for the plant and says much of the material inside the plant was dry and estimates the fire spread throughout the building in minutes. "Everything is kiln dried, so anything on fire would come through the system, dried so it will catch."

The company makes wood shavings used in the pet and equine industry. The company is vowing to rebuild.

No one was hurt while fighting the fire, and all employees were able to get out before it spread.

Firefighters are awaiting the damage to cool down before they can investigate what caused the fire.

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