Fire leads to city-wide power outage

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It took a combined effort to put the fire out at Parker Carpet.
A total of seven engines, three ladders, about seventy two fireman, five chief officers responded, many of them from neighboring towns.

And the whole community of Olive Hill felt the loss, especially when their power was shut off.

"That's a tough decision to make. But its one that we had to do because we couldn't fight the fire as long as we had power to these poles in front of the buildings," said Olive Hill Mayor Danny Sparks.

Sparks says the town's foreman didn't know how to isolate the blackout to just the block in front of the burning building.

"When we cut the power off to the whole city we actually cut the water off at the water plant. The water plant wasn't able to produce water, which we used a tremendous amount of water last night," added Sparks.

Hence the response from neighboring town's fire departments.

"Obviously, it would have been great to have an endless supply of water. But that's why we plan and bring in water by tankers, tanker shuttle, to offset that lack of water," said Olive Hill Fire Chief Wes Gilliam.

"The city's working on it. It's just taking time. And unfortunately when we need the water it shows that we don't have it sometimes," Gilliam said.

Town officials say the water shortage did not affect the fire departments ability to fight the fire effectively.
The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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