Firefighter charged with drunk driving had emergency lights flashing

DANVILLE, Ky (WKYT) - Police have charged an underage volunteer firefighter with driving drunk.

Just after 7PM West Broadway in Danville was shut down for hours while police sorted out what happened. They say 20-year-old Davis Brown was driving his SUV down the street when he collided with two parked cars. At the time Brown was a Junction City Volunteer Firefighter.

"Had red emergency lights inside that vehicle that were activated," said Danville Police Chief Anthony Gray Jr.

Dozens of people were on that street for a service at Stith Funeral Home. One of the men who saw the crash said he saw the SUV hit the cars, then he said it sounded like the driver hit the gas again before coming to a stop in a nearby library parking lot.

According to his arrest report Brown told police he was on an emergency response to Junction City for extra manpower. But Boyle County dispatchers say the only fire they have on record in Junction City was earlier in the day. Police say Brown did have partial firefighter gear on when he was arrested.

Brown's arrest report says he told police he had had six beers earlier in the day and lists his blood alcohol level as .255. That is more than three times the legal limit.

"As far as if he was working and different things like that, if he was actually on the clock or responding to call, we will investigate those things to see if they occurred," Gray said.

The Junction City fire chief did release a about the arrest. He said that because of the department's zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol Brown had been relieved of his duties.

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