Berea firefighter injured in crash en route to another crash

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BEREA, Ky. (WKYT) - Officials say a firefighter who was responding to crash on I-75 collided with another vehicle on Highway 1016 in Berea.

Berea Police say the firefighter was driving a fire department pickup truck when another vehicle crossed over the center line and the two vehicles collided. The crash shut down part of that highway for more than an hour.

Police say the firefighter swerved after being hit and then hit a fence which sent a piece of wood from the fence through the windshield.

"Both vehicles had left the roadway as a result of the collision and the fire truck actually struck a fence and one of the wooden planks came through the windshield and actually struck the firefighter in the arm," said Sgt. Jake Reed, with Berea Police.

Three young teenagers were nearby and heard the crash. We are told they were some of the first on scene, running to help.

"I heard the screeching tires and the car hit, and I heard sirens and stuff like that," said Duke Fields, who is 14 years old. "I had to run from the apartment behind us. And I ran all the way back down that way to see if everyone was okay. And the woman who hit the bridge, we had to help her pry the door open with a crowbar."

Berea Police say the driver of the other vehicle was Sonya Smith, 45, was arrested for DUI and fourth degree assault.

"We're glad that everybody was okay including the other driver," said Sgt. Reed. "We respond to a lot of collisions everyday. Fortunately, most of those are non-injury collisions."

They say the firefighter did have his lights and sirens on when the crash happened.

Both drivers have minor injuries and were treated at a local hospital in Berea.

Police are not releasing the identity of the firefighter involved in this crash right now.

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