Firefighters believe lightning struck Lexington home

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Firefighters believe lightning may be to blame for damage to a Lexington home.

A homeowner on Darenia Lane in Masterson Station woke early Wednesday morning to find damage to her home.

Firefighters say they believe lightning struck the home, going down the chimney. Kentucky Utilities was called out to check the wiring inside the home to make sure nothing else was damaged.

Firefighters tell us the woman inside the home was fine.

"They did say that the house shook. It blew some smoke detectors off the ceilings. Like I said, there's some structural damage, not necessarily structural damage, but damage to drywall, and some of the cosmetic parts of the home," said Lt. Chris Rudd with the Lexington Fire Department.

Kentucky American Water says the water has since been restored to the customers on the street.

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