Firefighters urge grill caution

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT/WKYT) - The calendar says Easter Sunday, but the temperature's making it seem a little more like Memorial Day.

"We gathered out with our family to have a cook out. Got some of our best friends together. Grill out. Have an Easter egg Hunt did. Just sit around and enjoy this beautiful weather out here,"

Grill space was hard to come by at Jacobson Park this afternoon. While they're great for bringing the family together on this holiday, firefighters say you need to be careful.

"We've seen an increased fire risk just due to the low humidity and the lack of rainfall. We see improperly disposed of charcoal ash causing a lot of fires. We have had two responses for mulch or brushfires today already. There was five during the course of the day yesterday. We have had some days the last couple of weeks well into the teens," said Major Matt Galati of the Lexington Fire Department.

"Make sure you clean up because if someone was to drop a cigarette or the grill or anything hot if you always start a fire. It's definitely good to practice safety when it's dry and hot out," Abbott said.

Firefighters say it may not be obvious when those charcoals will be ready to be thrown out.

"The big thing, especially with charcoal grills, is let them cool. It may take a couple of days before you can throw away those ashes because the ashes are still smoldering he got inside whether it seems cool or not," said Galati. He said it's best to water down the coals when you're done cooking.

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