Fires spark 'code red alert' in Harrison County

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HARRISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Tonight, a central Kentucky sheriff has a warning for farmers after a string of suspicious fires in barns.

We've been tracking those fires in Harrison, Nicholas, and Bourbon Counties over the last few days.

Flames have sparked more than the five barn fires in Harrison County.

They've sparked code red alerts and more patrolling. And it's all because of a string of arsons that the sheriff says he has no leads to yet.

"I think, yes, we are looking for more than one. I don't think just one person is going to get out and destroy as much as they have destroyed," said Harrison County Sheriff Bruce Hampton.

If you live in Harrison County and you are not signed up for code red alerts on your phone, the sheriff is encouraging you to now with random barns left smoldering.

Code red alerts are meant for emergencies, usually related to weather or water outages. But the sheriff says this particular arson case is well worth an alert.

"It's terrible. One farmer I know, and I know them all, says he's lost his tobacco crop which he thinks is worth 20,000 dollars," said Sheriff Hampton.

So far farming equipment and barns have been torched, but the sheriff tells us what these arsons could lead to is the scary part.

"Fortunately, it's only been barns so far, but I just need people to be more on the alert," said Sheriff Hampton.

Suspicious activity is what police are asking the public to report.

If you want to sign up for these code red alerts in Harrison County, contact the sheriff's department at (859) 234-7135 for more information.

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