First screening of 'Sole Survivor' documents Comair Flight 5191

Flight 5191 first officer and sole survivor Jim Polehinke and his wife Ida
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ROYAL OAK, Mich. (WKYT) -- A documentary that includes an interview with the only survivor of the crash of Flight 5191 near Blue Grass Airport had its first ever screening Wednesday night.

Along with Flight 5191, the documentary profiles the sole survivors of some of the nation's worst airline disasters.

One is a 1987 crash at the Detroit, Michigan airport.

On Wednesday night, the film had its screening in Royal Oak, near where that crash happened.

"One thing I've learned in this process is closure is never really a word that actually happens, it's just one more step toward healing," said Ky Dickens, the director.

That's what she says "Sole Survivor" is all about; trying to help people affected by tragedies like Comair Flight 5191.

"Help restore communities, restore lives, help with healing," said Dickens.

In the movie, we get a lot of insight into life for Jim Polehinke, first officer on that flight.

"Jim Polehinke is a very unique survivor because he was the copilot," said Dickens. "There's a whole different level of survivor's guilt that he carries."

Polehinke's in a wheelchair now and talks about the despair he went through at the time and how his faith has helped him.

Lexington Police Officer Bryan Jared helped pull Polehinke from the cockpit. His sister lives in Michigan and came to the screening.

"Obviously very proud of my brother, not only for what he did on that day, but for what he does every day when he gets in his cruiser and goes to work," said Krista Peterson, Bryan Jared's sister.

Painful as it is to see some of the memories played out on the screen, Krista says she hopes it helps.

"It's painful to think about the people who have loved ones that they lost in an accident and I really hope that they're beginning to heal," said Peterson.

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