First day for all-day kindergarten in Madison County

RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - School officials told WKYT all in all, the commute in and out of the Madison Kindergarten Academy for parents happened without too many problems.
There were some tears, but a lot of excitement as the youngest students in the school system entered the classroom today.

So new that the paint on their sign is still drying, the Madison Kindergarten Academy along with several other sites in the county are dedicating their time and energy for the first time ever to all day kindergarten.

Expecting a possible enrollment near 500 students or better, the school brought parents and their children in four groups, 15 minutes apart, to avoid traffic trouble.

"We had lots of parents come. The beginning of it was much better than the end. As parents finished up breakfast, we got a little bit behind on that last shift. And we had a bus get stuck turning a corner, that took a little extra time too. But other than that no hiccups at all," said Dr. Shelly Boulden, Principal of the Madison Kindergarten Academy.

Boulden said she had a little time to mingle with the parents going through this new experience of dropping their children off at school for the whole day.

"Actually I actually told them actually told them, as I saw your tears, that I have my own this morning because my baby was starting the sixth grade. So I understood exactly how they felt this morning, and that we promise to get their babies home safely and that they would have a great first day," Boulden said.

Boulden said enrollment surpassed 500 students shortly after school started, but added they still have plenty of room in the school for more if needed.