Still watching Tuesday for snow potential

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We have finally reached the transitional season known as Spring. The forecasting issue is we see keep seeing traces of Winter. I have Spring in my 7-Day Forecast, but there's a round of snow in there too!

The first concern this week happens on Monday night and into Tuesday that really has our attention. During this time period we have our next chance of wintry weather for our area. That means cold and snow! Accumulations will be possible, but it doesn't look like it will be a big deal in the grand scheme of wintry weather.

Once we get out the latest run with wintry weather, we return to Spring. You get the total package with it too! I am talking mild temps with showers and thunderstorms possible by the end of the week.

This part of the ride is about to close up shop. Not permanently, but we'll enter an extended period of quiet weather.

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