Five years later, Jessamine Co. man's murder remains a mystery

JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Five years after his murder, a central Kentucky man's family is still looking for answers.

Mark Dunn's body was found in a burned out truck on a rural Jessamine County road on May 6, 2008.

On the anniversary of Dunn's death, his sister comes to his memorial garden to plant something.

"For this anniversary, it's a white Gardena. It smells so good," says Anna Long. "Every new bloom I think of him."

May sixth haunts Long.

"I just want to cover my head up and stay in bed and try to get through the day," says Long. "He died terribly. Nobody deserves to die the way he did. I mean, we don't weep everyday like we used to. But that grief in your heart, that hole, is still there and it never heals."

No arrest has ever been made and the leads are going cold. Long still holds out hope.

"I just feel like there is something going to happen and I'm just waiting for it."

Until then, she keeps her eyes forward and her hands in the dirt.

"There's still beauty in the world. Mark was a beautiful man, so I plant a flower for Mark. I plant beauty."

Long says she continues to ask investigators for any new developments in the case. So far nothing has come. She finds peace in the garden and waits for the day answers may come.

Dunn's family continues to ask that if anyone knows who was behind their brother's death to call investigators in Jessamine County.

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