Flames destroy Morgan Co. firefighter's home

Taken by Jody Oldham

MORGAN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - An emergency hit close to home for first responders in Morgan County. They responded to a fire at the home of one of their own.

A home on Highway 191 in West Liberty caught fire early Tuesday morning. The home belonged to a volunteer firefighter.

"It's family. One fire department is the same as the other. We pull together. And to know it was Robin's house, it tore us all to pieces," said Capt. Sonya Oldham, with the Caney Valley Fire Department.

The fire destroyed the three level home and most everything inside it.

"(It's) Really tough. Everything has just collapsed into the basement and there's no way to make entry," described Oldham.

The little bit of good news is that no one was injured. At this point, investigators don't know what sparked the fire, but they did say a storm passed through the area around the time of the fire.

A neighboring home did suffer heat damage, and Oldham says those residents will likely have to stay out of the home for some time because of health concerns.

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