Flames shoot through roof, force families from their apartments

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WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - The fire broke out around 6:30 Monday night, on Dale Drive, the fire department said they saw the flames shooting through the skylight in the roof. Meanwhile, in the glow of the flashing lights from the fire trucks, family members hugged and cried, and even ran up to grab little ones after several families were forced from their homes.

"My niece called me and told me something's happening on my street and there's fire trucks, ambulances, everything, and all I could think about is the kids," said Terri Timberman, who got the call while in Lexington.

Timberman said she was relieved to see that her two three-year-olds and her two-year-old children were safe, while in the care of her friend, but her heart sank for her neighbors who had the fire flare up in their home.

"I'm just kind of shaking really bad, but I'm just glad everybody is safe," described Robert Custard, who raced home from work after getting the call that his place was on fire.

Custard said he even left work without even telling anyone because all he could think about was his family.

"I hope our furniture, our clothes and stuff is not damaged because I have no idea, with it so close to Christmas, how are we going to get anything else," he said.

Fortunately, no one was in his home, but now he's facing some hard questions.

"Not knowing where we're going to stay tonight, not knowing what we're going to do, or how are we going to eat?" he listed, "It's just the fact of not knowing is what scares me."

The fire department says the flames were kept to Custard's apartment, which meant many of the tenants were allowed to go back in to their homes. However, the damage was bad enough that both Custard and Timberman said they are having to stay somewhere else for the night.

"I hope there (isn't) too much damage to the house and I just hope we find a place to go tonight," Custard expressed.

"It's really smoked up real bad, yeah, so I'll have to go somewhere tonight. I can't stay there with the kids," added Timberman.

One of the victims said a pan full of grease was left on the stove and that's what sparked the fire. The fire department said much of the damage was kept to the upstairs part of the split-level home.

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