Flash flooding causes issues for Lebanon business owners

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LEBANON, Ky. (WKYT) - Heavy rain has caused some flooding concerns in parts of central Kentucky for the past couple days. In Lebanon, high water covered parts of Main Street, and the water even made it inside some businesses.

Flash flooding arrives just as fast as it leaves. And it usually leaves behind a big mess, like it did in Lebanon on Monday evening.

"It happened in 8, 9, 10 minutes," said Lee Guilfoil, a business owner with flood damage. "We were upstairs and a client of mine said, 'I think your store might be flooded.'"

Sure enough she was right. Willie Martin's and the paint store next-door on Main Street were both standing in several inches of water.

"At times 10 or 11 inches up against the door, and it starts pouring out the sides," said Guilfoil. "Probably 6 inches on the inside."

They even tried used sandbags which didn't do the trick. It was too much water, according to people in Lebanon. Floors, rugs, and carpeting are now left ruined in a couple businesses, and owners are left to clean up.

"Every time a truck or SUV would go by, the tidal wave it would cause was like a tsunami coming through," said Guilfoil. "The sandbags were just floating."

This would be a much different story if it was the first time it had happened. But it's more like the seventh time, according to this business owner.

"It just creates a mess after mess after mess," said Guilfoil.

For the people in downtown Lebanon, the problem goes far beyond Mother Nature, saying the sewer and drainage system is one of the culprits.

"We are not pointing blame. We just want it fixed," said Guilfoil. "But it just percolates water out."

And this man isn't the only one left without an answer of how to rid these water woes.

"The bridal shop flooded twice. Harry's flooded. This time we got the worst of it for some reason," said Guilfoil.

Now they hope the weather moves out and a solution moves in before they are forced to move.

The store owner says insurance won't cover the damage. He says in the last seven years, his stores have had nearly $50,000 worth of flood damage.

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