Flash flooding seeps into daycare, homes in Powell County

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POWELL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - In Powell County it seems almost everyone had they're eyes on the skies, Monday afternoon, waiting for the rain to stop.

"It just kept coming down in buckets, and it didn't seem like it was going to stop there for a while," described Mike Sparks, Assistant Emergency Management Director.

As the storm sat over the area, roughly two inches caused a flash flood.

"I was pretty nervous. I was worried about it getting in the house," said Jason Vance, who had to dry out several inches of water that seeped into his garage.

Just outside his door was even worse.

"Everything you see here was completely water, you couldn't see that there was a ditch behind you, you couldn't see the road, you couldn't see anything."

So Vance, his family, and even a few friends got to work as soon as they could.

"It got a couple inches up in my garage. It wasn't too awful bad as it could've been, but it was enough to get mud on everything as you can see we had to pull everything out and trying to get everything dried out."

The heavy rains even caused problems for the "Pooh and Pals" daycare, in Stanton. While the teachers didn't want to comment on camera, they say the water came leaking in after running off the road and into the building. It wasn't bad, however, the water was less than an inch deep and only settled just a few feet inside the front door. The teachers say they did move the children to one of the back rooms and they'll likely have to come back tonight to bleach the floors.

"Oh yeah, in the day care it is, they get flooded," said neighbor, Sharon Roberts.

"They took on some water, but I don't think very significant damage to it, just mostly mopping up," added Sparks.

While the clouds broke and the sun was shining for a time, these people know it's only a matter of time before the rain returns.

"It'll give us time to dry out for the next one, I guess," said Sparks.

"I'm kind of worried about the rains coming tonight," admitted Vance.

Sparks said emergency crews were kept on standby during the height of the storm and flooding, but fortunately there was no need for any high water rescues.

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