Flemingsburg police warn drivers of increase in theft

FLEMINGSBURG, Ky (WKYT) - Police say it's a problem they've seen before. GPS units, iPods, and loose change have all been stolen from cars in Flemingsburg in recent days. One victim who manages a storage center had more than two thousand dollars taken from their vehicle.

"He had the receipts from about a month hidden in his vehicle, hidden under his seat," said Chief Randy Sergent.

Police here have about half a dozen victims so far, but more could come foreword.

"They're probably thinking not much of it, car just a little messed up," said Sergent.

The chief says in all of these cases the vehicle doors were unlocked. He urges people to take their valuables with them and lock their doors. In one case a rifle was taken from a vehicle, but it was found a few hundred feet from where it was stolen.

"Up the street behind the house, apparently they didn't want to walk down the street with a rifle," Sergent said.

A similar rash of thefts happened last summer in Flemingsburg. The chief says if they do catch whoever is behind this they would face charges for theft by unlawful taking.

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