Flemingsburg woman's yard sale causing controversy

FLEMINGSBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - She says she's trying to raise money to help save her daughter's life, but the city says a Flemingsburg mother is obstructing traffic.

That mother, Alicia Hicks, says she was threatened to be taken to jail if she didn't shut down her yard sale.

For three and a half weeks, Alicia Hicks has been selling stuff outside her house on Mount Sterling Avenue to raise funds to take care of her daughter. Samya has a brain tumor and next month will undergo chemotherapy.

"It's hard because I'm trying to deal with a lot of stuff with her, and then they come and add ten times more stress," says Hicks, who claims officers recently threatened to shut down her sale.

"And I can't afford to be threatened to be thrown in jail for trying to help my kid. I can't be in jail and helping my kid out here too."

Police say Hicks is obstructing traffic on Mount Sterling Road.

"We went to her and discussed the situation and explained how it would be better if the items probably were in the rear of the property and people could get off the road," explains Mayor Martin Voiers, "the issue really is safety on that street. The complaints have been obstructing driveways of other residents in the area, and parking along the street which is posted as a no parking area."

So far, Hicks has raised close to $500 for Samya.

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