Flooding concerns for some in Woodford County

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Some in Woodford County are dealing with the downside of having a waterfront view.

Some people who live along Glenn's Creek had concerns early Saturday morning about flooding. But, as the day continued those concerns drifted away.

"It's the worst, I have seen it. It makes you nervous but it would take a whole lot more rain before it caused us any trouble," says Ryan Davidson, a resident who lives in Millvile.

If you live nearby Glenn's Creek in Millville flooding dangers come with the territory.

"It had this little rock parking lot covered. It was up under all of the cars. We had to move them up on the hill. And then two hours later it started back down," adds Davidson.

Davidson is relieved that the water never reached his home but he knows there will be a mess to clean up later, "Yeah, we'll have a lot of trash to rake up. We only have to deal with it once every couple years."

But for some others along the creek, like Melissa Rice's father the high water was a little too close for comfort.

"All this was. Every bit of this was water. I waded into water up to my knees whenever I first got down here, " says Rice.

Rice's Dad is alright and so is his house. But every time she gets his call after heavy rain...she worries, "It does bother me when he says I've got to come, I try to be right here for him because water just scares me anyways when it gets up like that. It can rise so fast."

Rice is relieved that her Dad's home was spared this time, "Luckily, this time it didn't make it in the house. The last time it made it up on the back side of his house inside."

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