Flash flooding causes tense moments in Versailles neighborhoods

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VERSAILLES, Ky. (WKYT) - In Versailles on Monday night, a slow-moving storm made some streets and roads look more like rivers. And the water came dangerously close to some homes in the Merewood Subdivision off of the bypass.

The flash flooding warning in Versailles became a reality for people living on Georgia Street. In some spots the water was up to two feet deep.

"You do feel helpless," said Nancy Rheinfrank, who lives on Georgia Street.

Nancy Rheinfrank and her neighbors on Georgia Street say this high water is becoming the norm. Just Thursday flooding totaled her car and her neighbor's vehicle weeks before that. She blames it on the only sewer in the neighborhood being stopped up.

"Better drainage obviously," said Rheinfrank. "It's a nice place to live. Nice people here, but I would like to see it drain when it rains."

So not only does water get dangerously close to her home, but that's sewer water. And being a nurse, Rheinfrank knows how contaminated it is.

"We were nervous and my son brought his boat out, and we were thinking about if we had to leave the house," said Rheinfrank.

So until the rain stops or something is done about this drainage problem, people on Georgia Street will continue to be trapped by water.

"It wasn't a terrible amount of rain for it to be this high," said Rheinfrank.

Police in Versailles tell us Georgia Street along with Frankfort Street and Camden Avenue won't be back open until the water goes completely down.

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